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Friday, 17 September 2010
Prince George Named as Host of 2015 Canada Winter Games
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Vancouver – The City of Prince George has been named the host of the 2015 Canada Winter Games by the Canada Games Council at a news conference today.
In just over four years, the City of Prince George will welcome the country’s best young developing athletes to compete in 20 selected sports representing the best that their province or territory has to offer.
“The 2015 bid evaluation process was a thorough and detailed process,” said Tom Quinn, chair of the Canada Games Council. “The sport infrastructure in British Columbia was very impressive, and the sport-hosting knowledge found in all three communities is to be acknowledged and commended. In the end, only one community can host and Prince George has won that right as the successful bid community.”
The host community selection announcement was made in front of the Olympic flame cauldron on the Vancouver waterfront. The cauldron was lit for only the second time since the extinguishing as part of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games closing ceremonies.
Premier Gordon Campbell and Ida Chong, Minister of Healthy Living and Sport, attended the announcement. Staff from the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport were observers throughout the bid and selection process led by the Canada Games Council.
“I want to congratulate Prince George for winning the privilege of hosting the 2015 Canada Winter Games and thank Kamloops and Kelowna for also stepping forward as potential host cities. As we saw during the Winter Olympics, sport has an incredible power to inspire and bring people together,” said Premier Campbell. “The Canada Games are an important building block in our athletes’ training, and prepares them for future competitions. In fact, Canada Games alumni earned 16 of the 26 medals Canadian athletes won during the Winter Olympics.”
In June of 2009, at an official bid process launch, the Canada Games Council embarked on a 15-month process to select the host of the 2015 Canada Games. The bid process first entered into a Technical Review Phase, where information had to be provided by the communities by Oct. 2, 2009.
This Phase 1 evaluation process included a review of the potential communities’ technical components (sports venues, Games village and other key venues) to provide a report to the CGC Bid Evaluation Committee.
After the technical phase, three bid communities – Kamloops, Kelowna and Prince George – were given until May 28, 2010 to submit their bid proposal to the Canada Games Bid Evaluation Committee. During Phase II, the CGC Bid Evaluation Committee assessed the Bid Proposals from the three bidding communities, conducted site visits and then provided a final ranking and report to the CGC Board of Directors. The final recommendation from the Canada Games Board of Directors was delivered to the Province of British Columbia and then announced publicly by the Province and council at the Sept. 17, 2010 announcement in Vancouver.
At the event, emceed by Canada Games alumna, Olympic and World Champion Catriona LeMay Doan, Vancouver-area school children celebrated the announcement as part of Sports Day in Canada, a national celebration of sport presented by CBC Sports, ParticipACTION and True Sport. For the initiative, the Canada Games Council and PHE Canada engaged students across the country in physical activity using the council’s educational program, Canada Games Days. Over 500 schools across Canada signed up to join the challenge with over 100,000 students, including those represented at the announcement, participating.
The planning and preparations for the 2015 Canada Winter Games will now begin. Having hosted the 1973 Canada Summer Games in New Westminster and Burnaby and the 1993 Canada Summer Games in Kamloops, the 2015 Canada Games will mark the third time the Games are hosted in the province of British Columbia and the first time for British Columbia to host a winter Games.
“The Canada Games Council is confident that the beauty and majesty of British Columbia will make the perfect backdrop for a sensational Canada Games,” said Quinn. “The council is confident in our choice and look forward to further engagement of all three communities in our promotions and in the support of the 2015 Canada Games.”
The Prince George bid community will begin its work to transform into a Host Society responsible to plan and stage this prestigious event. An immediate focus will be to debrief with the Canada Games Council, begin the incorporation of a Host Society, select key leadership positions, and identify key representatives to attend the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax, Feb. 11–27, 2011, to take advantage of the mentoring program offered by the council.
Held once every two years, alternating between winter and summer, the Canada Games represent the highest level of national competition for up and coming Canadian athletes. The Games have been hosted in every province at least once since their inception in Quebec City during Canada’s Centennial in 1967. The Games are proud of their contribution to Canada’s sport development system in addition to their lasting legacy of sport facilities, community pride and national unity.
The organization of the Canada Games is made possible thanks to the contribution and support of the Government of Canada, provincial/territorial governments, host municipalities and the Canada Games Council.

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Monday, 20 October 2008
Dr. Marius Barnard and Critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance was introduced by Dr. Marius Barnard a South African cardiac surgeon in 1983 for what was voted in the top 25 most influential people in the field of health insurance.
Now it is available for Canadians. Critical Illness Plan offers the security of knowing that they financially protected should they become critically ill.
The three most common critical illnesses, occurring across all ages in Canada are heart attack, cancer, or stroke. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the National Cancer Institute of Canada almost 250,000 all ages Canadians are diagnosed with them annually. The good message is: most of them will survive.

Over 80% of heart attack patients admitted to hospital survive
95% of hospitalized heart attack victims survive the first attack
75% of men and 77% of women who develop cancer survive
75% of stroke victims survive the initial event

Yet, even with improved medical treatments, most patience can not deal with an illness depending only on Provincial health plans. They need to be prepared for the financial consequences of surviving a critical illness since your lifestyle and money management are going to change.
Comparing to Life insurance, critical illness coverage is for you, for your recovery. It gives you a lump-sum amount (benefit tax-free in the event that you survive one of the covered illnesses or conditions (most plans have 20 plus covered conditions by thirty days, in most cases) to help with the cost of treatment and concentrate only on your recovery.
You can spend the money as you wish—such as to pay for private out-of-country treatment, nurse, credit card debts, or even as a mortgage helper while being low income.

Maintaining your financial independence and getting an access to medical services you need, your recovery will be fast and successful.

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Friday, 5 May 2006
Links To Information About Critical Illness Insurance In Canada
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Why are people buying a critical illness insurance? There are many considerations. The majors are:
- to keep their financial obligations in force (the lamp sum paycheque can help to pay off the mortgage balance or other debts, to continue saving programs for RRSP or RESP, to save their business alive to pay overhead expenses;
- to pay for medical and other care (money helps to expand the list of services);
- for peace of mind.

  • AIG Life of Canada Living Benefit 10, 75, 65, 100, Plus, Critical Care Assist Benefit
  • Canada Life Living Benefit 10, 75, 65, 100

  • Equitable Life Living Benefit 10, 75, 100
  • Standard Life Living Benefit 10, 75, 100
  • RBC Insurance Living Benefit 10, 75, 100
  • Manulife Financial Living Benefit 10, 75, 100
  • Arbetov Insurance Michael Arbetov's web portal about Critical Illness Insurance. There is Quick Quotes where you can "play" with numbers for diferrent Critical Illness Insurance and Life Insurance plans.

  • Please add your links with information regarding Critical illness insurance in Canada

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    Monday, 1 May 2006
    Critical Illness Insurance in Canada
    Topic: Sickness Insurance
    Can you financially recover from cancer, heart attack or a stroke?

    Being financially secure means you never risk losing the two most treasured items we all have: our home and our lifestyle
    . However, did you know that ...

    * 1 in 3 Canadians will develop a life threatening cancer? *
    * 91% of the patients who were admitted with a heart attack survive? *
    * The death rate from stroke has decreased 50% since 1950? *

    People are surviving with these critical illnesses due to medical advances. The main concern people like you have is ...
    Can you recover financially from one of these illnesses? With the aging population, the Canadian health care system is under an increasing strain and it is unlikely that they will be able to provide the financial assistance and options you will desire.

    Critical Illness (CI) is a new coverage in Canada that pays you a lump sum of money up to $2,000,000 if you are stricken by a critical illness and this protection can be purchased for as little as a dollar a day. No conditions are attached to these funds. You are the one who decides how the money will be spent.

    We want to help you secure your financial future by ensuring you have the money to keep your home and lifestyle should you be stricken with one of the 21 Critical Illnesses covered within this plan. To read more please visit Arbetov Insurance Portal

    Michael Arbetov
    tel: (604) 875-8878
    fax: (866) 249-5260
    WWW.Arbetov Insurance.Com

    * Source: Canadian Cancer Society; Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

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